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Arduino Game - Two Flew Over The ETC Nursing Home

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Date: Nov 2021

Role: 2d artist, 3d artist

Tools: Maya, Substance Painter

Platform: 3D Unity, Arduino


Producer: Huijie Bao

Artist: Yingzi Qu, Jingyuan Fang

Programmer: Huijie Bao, Shicai He

Sound Designer: Weilin Yuan


Two Flew Over The ETC Nursing Home is a 2v2 racing game where each team plays as grannies or grandpas that try to escape their nursing home on a wheelchair built for two. Guests need to roll the physical wheelchair wheels to race and avoid nurses as well as cause troubles for the other team. Only the leading team can escape. It's a hilarious party game that is supposed to be fun and enjoyable.

Design Process

Physical Wheels Iteration

We cut our physical wheels successfully, but the most difficult part was designing how to make the players control the physical wheels.

Our first attempt was Myo Arm Bands. Basically, we asked players to wear this on the arm that they used to control the wheel, and we detected the movements of their arms and transferred that data to Unity. However, the problem was that the movement of the arm was very ambiguous and depended heavily on individual differences, so the effects were actually chaotic. But fortunately, even if it was chaos, the gameplay was still very fun.

The better choice we found was Arduino Nano BLE as it could directly detect the rotation speed of the wheels, and what was more important was it could detect the forward and backward moving very sensitively so that our players could finally really control the movement of the wheelchair.

Character Modeling

As it was supposed to be a hilarious party game, we adopted a cute and fun art style that matched with the overall feeling.

Lighting Iteration


It's a great honor that our project was awarded as 2021 ETC Building Virtual World's First Penguin Award.

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