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AR Puzzle Game - Once upon A Wolf

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Date: Sep 2021

Role: 2d illustrator, concept artist, 3d modeling artist, narrative designer, level designer

Tools: Maya, Substance Painter, 3D Unity

Platform: Hololens 2


Artist: Yingzi (Eiko) Qu, Wenbo (Glendon) Guo

Programmer: Shan Jiang, Shiqing Tang

Sound Designer: Tuesday Becker

Game Designer: Yingzi (Eiko) Qu, Wenbo (Glendon) Guo

Voiceover: Sarah Kim


Once Upon A Wolf is an AR interactive game developed by Unity and HoloLens 2. It's a puzzle game about fixing the road by dragging and rotating cubes to help the little wolf finish his journey. The emphasis of this project is how to make the best of the features of AR that are different from other platforms such as VR, and create an immersive experience with potential development space of level design.

Design Process


We started our design process with a series of research and comparison between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (or MR, Mixed Reality) games. By comparing the two different virtual technologies, we found that AR was less immersive but had a higher degree of freedom, which resulted in different content in the different platforms. In general, contents tend to be 'smaller' in a piece of AR experience.​ Thus, we decided to utilize AR as media, to make our players be able to influence and change the terrain and path.

We ideated based on the gameplay of 'Block Marble Race' and developed unique ways of interactions in AR.

​We break interactions into two 'layers', the first is media-based interaction, and the next is in-game control. Game control includes lifting and rotating; both are actions that directly control the landscape and then indirectly influence a character (marble). Based on the previous design decisions, we designed a draft of the interaction map. The failure status has two types and the success has one.

Level Design

- Level Design Sketch

Concept Design

2D Introduction Storyboard

Art Assets

2D Introduction:

3D Models

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